Cullman Automation, Inc. is a design, engineer, and build company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to your production requirements.

We work closely with production and maintenance managers, engineers, foreman, quality control managers, and purchasing agents to offer solutions based on many years of experience in manufacturing and machine building. Our turn-key systems are designed to fit your project needs with an economical solution.

By implementing state-of-the art control methods and innovative design techniques to increase throughput and improve product quality. Our machinery can overcome issues with quality, ergonomics, process control, and excessive personnel requirements.

Whether your project requires a single-station standalone fixture or multiple integrated machines, Cullman Automation can help. We can design and build a solution for your manufacturing automation needs.

A few benefits of a custom machinery solution are…

  • Designed and built to your specifications and requirements.
  • Machine has smaller footprint, requiring less space.
  • Automation controls can be integrated with existing lines.
  • Optimization of cycle time for increased manufacturing throughput and integration.
  • Simplified setup and changeover.
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Machine Design

We design the machinery around your specifications and requirements. In addition to this, we evaluate with you the procedural and ergonomic needs of the operator (or maintenance tech if no operator is needed). Our goal is to design a machine that will operate as efficiently as possible.

Mechanical Engineering

We engineer our machinery to fit the defined space of your custom machinery project.  Our machines are designed to operate with as little floor space as necessary for proper operation. To ensure longevity, we engineer and build the frame and structure to be robust enough to provide many years of operation.

Automation / Programming

Our machinery features state-of-the art controls and components from leading automation controls equipment manufacturers. The machine programming is designed in a way that makes for easy machine operation and diagnostic feedback for maintenance and/or troubleshooting.

In addition to ease of use, our machinery can be incorporated into your manufacturing or assembly lines for integrated operation or administrative control.


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