Terms and Conditions

Standard Payment Terms and Conditions

40% Due upon acceptance of P.O.

50% Due upon machine runoff

10% Due (net 30) upon machine runoff

Timely payments are essential to the timely delivery of machinery. Payments ten days or more past due will be considered delinquent and will incur a work stoppage on the project. A work stoppage based on delinquency will not penalize Cullman Automation, Inc. (CAI) on delivery dates but will extend the due date by the amount of days delinquent. Machines will not be shipped until both 40% and 50% payments are received by CAI.

Cullman Automation, Inc. (CAI) terms and conditions are limited. Sales are subject to Seller’s terms and conditions effective the date the purchase order is received by Seller. Any changes from our quotation or terms embodied in the Purchase Order are hereby objected to. If any quotation changes are required, please contact CAI representative handling quotation to inform of any required changes prior to issuing the purchase order. Changes must be reflected in the final quotation for changes to be valid.

Payment for non-engineered solutions (parts and accessories) are subject to quoted terms and conditions.


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