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Dear Customer,

Cullman Automation is dedicated to helping you increase productivity, produce higher quality products, and increase profits by solving problem areas in your production lines.  These problems may be quality related, ergonomic problems, process issues, higher production quantities needed or excessive personnel in the manufacturing process.  We achieve this by designing and building custom machinery and equipment tailored for your specific needs.  We utilize state-of-the-art control methods and innovative design techniques along with a commitment to build only low maintenance, heavy-duty machinery.  Although some of our customers have purchased as many as 13 machines, most of our products are one-of-a-kind machines, designed to do specific tasks as required by the customer.  A few advantages of this type of special machinery vs. “off-the-shelf” general purpose machinery are:

1.  Custom machinery meets your specific needs;

2.  Custom machinery can be built more rigid resulting in a heavy-duty machine;

3.  Custom machinery requires less floor space;

4.  Custom machinery optimizes cycle time and usually produces more parts per shift;

5.  Custom machinery set-up time is usually lower than general purpose machinery.

In an effort to provide low cost solutions for our customers, we entered into special pricing agreements with many companies whose products we feel comfortable incorporating into our designs.  This allows us to be very competitive while producing the highest quality products possible.

We service a variety of industries throughout the United States where we have produced more than 200 different types of machines over the past 12 years.  Please check out the "PRODUCTS" link where we have pictures and descriptions of a few of our machines.  Notice the variety of industries we service, and our ability to develop profitable solutions to challenging problems.  We will be glad to meet with you at your convenience to discuss any automation needs you may have.  This could be the most profitable call you will make this year.




Keith DeMonia - Owner

Cullman Automation Warranty Information:

Cullman Automation offers separate warranties for our Turnkey Custom Machinery and our CAI-Spindles and slides.

We cover our Custom Machinery with a one year workmanship warranty.  This warranty begins at receipt of machine in customers facility and covers the machine to be free of defects due to workmanship and also covers PLC programming to be free of errors for one year.  All purchased components are covered by component manufacturers warranty and are not covered by CAI. In plant labor for replacement of failed part is the responsibility of the customer.

We stand behind our CAI-Spindles and Slides with a 2 year warranty.  This warranty covers repairs or replacement of the CAI spindle or slide components manufactured by CAI.  All purchased components for CAI-Slides or Spindles (motors, Kinecheks, Gearboxes, Controls, Etc.) carry their standard manufacturer's warranty.  In-house labor for replacement of failed spindle/slide assemblies or purchased components is the responsibility of the customer.  Even though Cullman Automation tries to maintain an inventory of components for our spindles it is suggested that the customer purchase at least one spindle of each required size as a spare in high production industries where any down time would be costly.

Standard Terms and Conditions:

Cullman Automation standard terms and conditions are as follows:

40%  with P.O.
50%  after runoff in our plant and prior to shipment
10%  net 30 after machine arrives in your plant

Note:  Timely payments are essential to timely delivery of machinery.  Payments that are 10 days past due will be considered delinquent and will incur a work stoppage on the project.  This work stoppage will not penalize CAI on delivery dates but will extend the due date by the amount of days delinquent.  Machines will not be shipped until both 40% and 50% payments are received at CAI. 

Cullman Automation's (CAI) terms and conditions are limited.  Sales are subject to Seller's terms and conditions effective the date the Purchase Order is received by Seller.  Any changes from our quotation or terms embodied in the Purchase Order are hereby objected to.  Please contact Keith DeMonia for any changes you need to include prior to issuing the Purchase Order.  These changes must be shown on our final Quotation for changes to be valid.