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CAI Has Moved!!!!

Cullman Automation, Inc. moved into its new facility at 20660 Hwy. 31 N.  Vinemont, AL  35179 on November 1st.  We are now located 3/4 of a mile south of the old building at mile marker 333.  This building is newer and quite a bit larger than our old location and should allow us to continue to grow comfortably.     


New Product Introductions....  

In 2017 - 2018 we developed several new products including:

* In a joint venture with Hutchison Tool company of Chicago we helped developed a new style High Speed, Servo Operated In-Die tapping unit.

* CAI-2000 Spindle/Slide with on-board temperature and performance diagnostics and phone app telemetry. 


Employment Opportunities:

Due to the technical nature of our business we are continually looking for highly skilled, talented individuals to expand the knowledge base of our team.  This expansion opens employment possibilities in several technical fields including: Electronics, Machine Assembly, Design, and Manual Machining.  Send resumes' to:

Cullman Automation, Inc.

20660 Hwy. 31 N.

Vinemont, AL  35179

Attention: Human Resources


CAI keeping prices low...

CAI continues to look for ways to reduce costs and production time on our custom design/build automation machinery.  Doing so translates into lower prices and shorter lead times for our customers.  This also brings us closer to our goal of being one of the most cost-competitive custom design/build companies in the U.S.   Recently, we have been successful in negotiating VERY competitive pricing with many of our vendors buying direct from the manufacturer in many cases.  We will continue to address component pricing to further benefit our customers.


CAI-2000 Series Spindles...

Our CAI-2000 and CAI-2100 spindles have been in production for over five years and demand is continuing to increase.  Our newest spindle offering, the CAI-1800, was introduced at the Fabtech show in Chicago November 9-12 of 2017.  There we saw a good deal of excitement from our customers who have been looking for a light weight spindle/slide assembly that would be rigid enough for Flowdrilling and Flowtapping.

Our CAI-2100 combines with our Heavy Duty Slide to produce a very rigid Spindle/Slide Assembly, providing an economical self-fed spindle system.  The CAI-2100 now comes standard with an ER40 collet to hold up to 1" bit shank.

Note: All of our spindles are designed especially for Flowdrill applications incorporating all of the required features that are absent from all other spindles on the market. 

Three feed options are currently available for our self feed slides:

Pneumatic - Air cylinder feed coupled with a Kinechek feed control unit to produce up to 780 lbs. of force.  This very economical method works well for Flowdrill sizes up to 10mm.

Servo-motor & ballscrew - This method provides accurate programmable positioning for applications requiring changes in distance to part or setups with different Flowdrill sizes.

Servo Hydraulic - This method is preferred where Flowdrill size is significantly larger and programmability is also needed.

Simi-Automatic Multi-Spindle Drill Press...

We continue to offer a multi-head caster mounted drill press designed to give the customer over 10" of vertical adjustment, a compact but heavy duty frame, and priced to replace rather than repair existing drill presses.  Each Drill Press comes with our 5" stroke standard duty slide and a 5HP 3PH 240/480VAC motor and gearbox for mounting your existing Hypneumat spindles and spring loaded universal shafts.

The caster mounted drill press frame can be addapted for single hole Flowdrilling and Flowtapping applications by adding our CAI-1800 or CAI-2000 spindle/slide assembly in place of the multi-head slide system.