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CAI-1800, CAI-2000, and CAI-2100 Flowdrill Spindles...


Since developing our first Flowdrill Machine fifteen years ago Flowdrill related industry has now grown to over 70% of our machine sales.  In 2011 we started having difficulty finding "off the shelf" spindles to fill our orders with reasonable price and delivery.  With our experience in developing spindles for other applications, we decided to produce a series of spindles dedicated to Flowdrill applications that would specifically address issues that other "standardized spindles" do not address.


We developed the CAI-1800, CAI-2000 and the CAI-2100 Flowdrill spindles for use in our custom Flowdrill machines and for sale to other design/build companies developing custom Flowdrill equipment.  Since their introduction to the market our CAI-spindles are not only being used for Flowdrill operations but many types of drilling, boring, and milling operations.  These spindles have been sold across the US, Mexico and Canada.

Recently CAI received the following endorsement from the President of Flowdrill, Inc...

"The CAI-1800, CAI-2000 and CAI-2100 spindles are authorized spindles for Flowdrill Inc.  Production Flowdrilling and Flowtapping can be very demanding on equipment.  With literally 1000,s of maintenance free hours logged in industry the CAI series spindles are designed and manufactured to deliver rock solid performance month after month, year after year."


CAI-2000 Flowdrill Spindle.


Some of the features of our CAI-Spindles are...

Made in the USA

Most styles sold from stock

Spindle cooling fan incorporated into the spindle

Mounted on four linear bearing heavy duty slide assembly

ER-16 collet (CAI-1800), ER-25 collet (CAI-2000) or ER-40 collet (CAI-2100)

Cast iron spindle block extended to enter small areas

Models include...

Air feed with Kinechek feed control,

Ball screw and servo motor feed,

or Hydraulic Servo feed.


          Application Examples for Various Industries....

Try these links to view our CAI-Spindles in action....

Flowdrill Machine -- Copper Tube

Flowdrill Machine -- "L" Tube

Flowdrill Machine -- "U" Tube

Flowdrill Machine -- Pipe

Go to for more information about Flowdrill Products

We have developed many different types of machinery over the years...

CNC drill and boring machine removes three pounds of metal in 54 seconds while holding .0005" tolerance on three holes in F-150 ball joint yoke assembly.

Bearing Press to insert bushing into cast steel ball joint yokes for F-150 Pickups.

Conveyor roll assembly machine for raw material transport conveyors.

We also rebuild old machinery replacing outdated controls and reworking worn mechanical components.

Another Flowdrill Machine. This machine manufactures hand rails from 24 ft. long aluminum tubing. Flowdrill process provides single step fastening operation.

View of hand rail machine showing multiple drill, Flowdrill, and tapping operations with part cutoff and barcode labeler.

Manufacturing line for kitchen counter tops shown prior to shipment.

Front half of the counter top line.

Destacker/feeder for 55 gal. drum lid press. Parts are destacked and inserted into press with 2 second cycle time.

Closeup of press destacker/feeder. The feeder can be easily detached and rolled away for die changover.

Dual stacker. Removes lids from drum lid conveyor and palletizes.

Bushing Assembly Machine

Six station bowl feed machine designed for high volume assembly of brackets using Hiplast bushings.

Flowdrill Machine for drilling cross-tube holes in copper tubing prior to soldering. Under old method of drill, cope, and solder they had 40% leakers. After incorporating the Flowdrill process, the customer stated joint leak problem was eliminated.

Cross-tube hole drilled with Flowdrill process. Material is 3 1/2" copper tube.

Smaller cross-tube holes drilled with Flowdrill process.

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